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True Valuer

Property valuation software is a solution for time & cost cutting. It automates the process of report making. It automates all work of report generation & generates a reference number which can be used for reference and identification purpose. Generate daily, Weekly, Monthly & Annually work & Payment report.

Construction ERP

Accounting Management

Real Estate ERP Software

Income for Valuation Report

Office expenses

Staff Salary and Withdrawal

Taxes TDS, Services Tax

It also have payment module which helps in managing your account.

Reporting, Printing

Valuation Report Management System

Valuation Report MIS Data and Geo view

Summary for graphical income, expenses , Report

Printing for valuation rapport, bank to bill, staff salary slip and finical Ledger

Valuer and employee profile, KYC print

Address Book

Cusatomer Management

Bank, Branch contact details

Office Staff

Property advisor

Other address storage

Office Staff Management

Staff Management System

Staff complete profile create

Staff kyc and insurance policy

Employee's registration and attendance module

It consist attendance module which helps in managing employs account

Internal notification


True Valuer

is a real CRM platform for professionals that lets them manage
Valuation Report, Enquiries, Customers, Transactions, Site-visits and more.
The comprehensive dashboard of this Valuation Report Management software puts you squarely in the driver’s seat.
  • <your company name>

    - Your brand on the internet

  • No management hassle

    - Easily administered form within the True Valuer platform

  • Valuation Agency Leads

    - Leads captured through prospect capturing modules flow into the True Valuer platform for easy followup

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